New 2023 WaveRunner® Range

New 2023 WaveRunner® Range

 Yamaha Revs Your Heart

Here at Yamaha Motor we have been revving hearts for over 65 years and applying a laser focus on the needs of our customers. This is at the heart of our brand, flowing from the company’s engineering design and development to the positive emotions and excitement experienced by customers when they enjoy any Yamaha Motor product. At Yamaha Motor we constantly seek to improve and innovate every aspect of what the brand brings to customers, delivering experiences to ignite every passion. 

The New Wave

The 2023 WaveRunner range is classic Yamaha. By introducing lighter-weight materials across the product range and cascading many of our latest technologies, at Yamaha we are enabling more riders to enjoy the very best in engineering excellence and guaranteed reliability; allowing more customers to discover a whole new world of thrilling experiences.

Whether for Cruising, Recreation or Sport each of our segments is designed to inspire every rider, whatever their passion is, to discover a WaveRunner that fits them perfectly. From the championship-winning performance of the GP 1800R SVHO to the luxurious and high-tech FX range, via the excitement of the SuperJet and JetBlaster models to the top-selling all-round versatility of the VX range, we go right to the heart of what our customers dream of, their own personal Yamaha watercraft. Through a deep understanding of our customers, we’ve created a range that has something unique and meaningful for every style of rider. 

A Complete Line-Up

There’s a watercraft for everyone in the Yamaha WaveRunner range, with each craft uniquely designed for riders with all the reliability and technical innovation you would expect from yourYamaha WaveRunner.

Regardless of whether you’re relaxing at the beach in the summertime or enjoying a lazy day at the lake, the Recreation segment is all about fun, excitement, and enjoyment, a thrilling experience on the water for riders of any ability.

For the thrill of skimming over the waves or heading down the coast to a secluded beach for a day’s swimming, our Cruising range enables riders to go further and experience greater adventures in more comfort and with all the latest technology.

And finally, our Sport segment is all about performance and is designed for the rider looking to hit that perfect racing line and experience the adrenaline rush of acceleration at its most. 

At Yamaha Motor, we are aligned to our customers’ motivations, ensuring they feel completely at ease navigating our range.

Enhanced Cruising Adventure

The FX Range

Our Cruising segment is home to the FX range, where sophistication and innovation collide in a luxurious and exciting mix. These WaveRunners are as suited to relaxed days exploring remote coasts as to exhilarating bursts of speed with spray on your skin and the wind in your hair.

New for 2023

The latest FX Cruiser SVHO is available as standard in Torch Red with black detailing and has also been released in Limited Edition colours for a real style statement on the water. On-trend carbon and mint colouring and fresh graphics, with a premium paint finish make this exclusive edition especially eye catching. Plus, the limited edition version includes flush-fitted, pop-up cleats as standard making it quick and easy to tie to a pontoon or mooring buoy.

The FX SVHO has also been treated to an upgrade, now featuring an integrated audio system which sits sleekly in the footwell. Waterproof and shock resistant, Bluetooth enabled and linked to the 7-inch colour touch screen Connext® display, it’s never been easier to ride to your favourite tunes or place a quick call to that waterside restaurant you’ve been meaning to try for lunch.

Finally, the FX Cruiser HO and FX HO have been enhanced with a NanoXcel2® deck, for a super light yet extremely strong construction that enhances the power to weight ratio and handling. 

VX Versatility

The VX series are multi-faceted WaveRunners featuring award-winning engineering and intuitiveRiDE systems that completely transform the riding experience by introducing intuitive control, electronic reverse, and traction control. The advanced Connext multi-function helm system with its sleek and easy-to-read 4.3″ colour display screen is cutting-edge. When paired with twin multi-mount connection points, conveniently placed for navigational equipment, cameras, or other devices, you’ll have all the tech you need to have an incredible adventure, fully equipped. 


The VX is powered by our innovative 3-cylinder engine, the 1049cc TR-1 HO. Compact and lightweight, the engine delivers a perfect balance of efficiency and nimble handling. VX offers everything you need to start your adventures; seating for 3, ample storage and the intuitiveRiDE control system.

New for 2023

The VX Cruiser HO already topped the VX range with its powerful engine, but this year it has been elevated to even greater heights with the addition of a NanoXcel2 ®deck, previously only available on top-end cruising and performance models. The new deck is superbly strong and incredibly light, supporting nifty handling and exhilarating speed on the water. The 1812cc HighOutput, 4 cylinder engine delivers smooth, powerful and efficient performance and as with allVX’s, is versatile and easy to handle.

Audio is standard on the VX Cruiser HO, with a fully integrated, factory-installed Bluetooth sound system. The speakers are ideally positioned in the footwells and controlled from an easy-access panel on the dashboard. 

Refining Recreation

Take offonboard The JetBlaster

The introduction of the JetBlaster ®redefined the recreational sector. The impeccable build quality provides an experience that is reliably and unquestioningly Yamaha. The NanoXcel2 ®hull delivers a strong power-to-weight ratio, allowing for serious thrills and exhilarating performance on all types of water. The electronic trim system makes the bow height easily adjustable, reducing spray and drag when raised and providing greater grip in corners when lowered. TheRiDE® control system with electronic reverse delivers simpler handling, and foot chocks meant hat even first-time riders can easily adjust their riding position and join the fun. With storage as standard, and a generous fuel tank providing the option of a longer cruise, this model won the hearts of new customers and fans of the original WaveBlaster alike.

New for 2023

Whereas the JetBlaster ®launched with a retro-inspired design to pay homage to the legendaryWaveBlaster, this year’s edition offers more understated styling while retaining the graffiti, free-spirited personality, opening up the excitement to a new pool of customers who prefer a more subtle, modern look to their WaveRunner. 

Sport: Delivering Ultimate Performance

GP Family: Destined For Greatness

If you’re at the top of your game, you need a machine to match. The supercharged YamahaGP1800R SVHO and naturally-aspirated GP1800R HO stand out from the crowd with the industry’s first automatic trim system featuring Cornering Control and Launch Control.Cornering Control automatically adjusts the trim, delivering extra grip as the rider decelerates for tighter cornering. It then automatically selects the optimal trim setting to keep the craft level. Launch Control automatically shifts the trim down to prevent bow rise when accelerating quickly. This incredible technology offers exceptional levels of handling and performance riding, for racers and recreational riders alike.

The GP1800R also features an intake grate and jet pump, specifically designed for better hook-up and quicker acceleration. Weight distribution has also been optimised to enhance the GPs’ nimble handling and to always deliver ultimate performance.

SuperJet®: Sleek At Speed

The SuperJet ®is a revolutionary machine with Yamaha’s racing DNA intertwined from the outset. The streamlined, lightweight SuperJet ®delivers an adrenaline-fuelling combination of blistering speed and acceleration thanks to the fantastically lightweight design. It isn’t just straight-line speed that makes the SuperJet ®stand out. It also offers unparalleled manoeuvrability to go with utter exhilaration. Embracing riders beyond the professional scene, its award-winning, three-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1 marine engine and flowing, lightweight hull ensure you’ll own the waves, delivering the all-out performance in fast-paced straights and the extreme agility and control for aggressive corners.

For riders not wanting to go all out right away, L-MODE ®reduces engine performance to around35 knots to build confidence in novice riders. A wider and more stable hull makes it ideal for recreation, whilst the spring-assisted steering pole and handlebar lead the rider into a comfortable lean-forward position, for when you’re ready for super-fast riding and turning. At just 2.5m in length; it easily fits into the back of a light van or large SUV and at 170kg it’s lightweight, making it very simple to launch and recover. This also makes it ideal for storage on the deck of a larger yacht. 

Clean the Sea

Now entering its third year, Yamaha Motor’s inspiring Clean the Sea projects continue to bring people with the passion for nature ever closer, focusing on diverse marine environments that unite the unique love for the big blue.

Our Clean the Sea projects are diverse and wide spread; from supporting record-breaking voyages collecting marine debris, to more local initiatives focusing on raising awareness and promoting recycling.

Inner city rivers are often most susceptible to the negative impacts of pollution in the water.Since 2017, Yamaha Motor Portugal has run initiatives which clear debris from the Tagus river in central Lisbon, while at the same time educating less fortunate teenagers in the area on the benefits of recycling and marine preservation.

In 2021, Simone Zignoli highlighted the importance of having a minimal impact on the environment when on an Italian adventure, aboard his FX WaveRunner. Zignoli completely immersed himself in Sardinian nature, ensuring he left no negative impact on the environment around him by living off only what was growing locally.

In Scandinavia, since 2021, Ocean Crusaders have been supported by Yamaha Outboard power to help clean up operations and remove plastics from the waters around Sweden.

Blue4Green is an initiative launched and run in Spain which litter picks in coves, secluded bays and areas which are unreachable on foot and using larger marine vessels. Yamaha Motor started working with Lucas del Paso in 2022, he and his team launched Blue4Green following a world record breaking Personal Watercraft journey which saw him cover over 3,500km in eight months, collecting marine debris all the way.

The Clean the Sea projects reflect our commitment to support a host of activities across Europe to preserve the marine environment for tomorrow. 

Supporting Ultimate Surfing

Big wave surfing sees some of the world’s best surfers in a life-long pursuit of huge waves, some reaching 100ft (30m) in height as they break on the shores of the Atlantic coast. A sport reserved for only the best and bravest waterman and women in the world, paired with the finest equipment. Recent years have seen the world of big wave surfing grow in popularity, both for spectators and participants, and much of this is down to the technological and engineering innovations of Yamaha WaveRunners.

Yamaha WaveRunners have been a fundamental part of the evolution in big wave surfing in Nazare, Portugal and beyond. Waves which were once unthinkable to surf are now possible for these elite, world-class athletes. WaveRunner performance, stability and reliability have all been key factors in the growth of the sport, allowing pilots to navigate the surfers in the safest way possible. This reputation and innovation has maintained Yamaha position as the unit of choice for the rising stars in the sport.

Nic von Rupp is a professional big wave surfer from Sintra, Portugal and a Yamaha Motor ambassador. Having won many big wave competitions during his career, in November 2020, hessurfed some of the biggest waves ever ridden at the legendary Nazaré Beach, where waves can reach a phenomenal 30 meters high.

In his quest to become the world’s best big-wave surfer Nic trains intensively, working incredibly hard with his team to achieve peak performance and be able to tackle nature at its fullest. With that level of dedication and so much at stake, he knows he needs the best equipment available.And for him, when it comes to a personal watercraft to get him into and out of the biggest waves – and pick him up reliably when he disappears under all that crushing water – it has to beYamaha, which he’s used for much of his career.

Currently, Nic uses the FX SVHO for his adventures amongst waves that can be up to eight stories high, relying on the FX SVHO to be super stable in some of the world’s most extreme conditions, reliable, and powerful enough to outrun the surf.

At Yamaha Motor we believe in people with big dreams and aspirations. This is why the relationship with Nic is so strong. Nic personifies the commitment which Yamaha Motor puts into every product, as well as the drive to push boundaries and maintain greatness. We develop new technologies to make these aspirations a reality, and to challenge the impossible. 

Complete Your Look

Official Yamaha accessories and apparel are a great way to enhance your experience with theWaveRunner range. From intelligently designed official accessories that you know will work perfectly with your craft, to stylish apparel to compliment the striking looks of yourWaveRunner. Choose the genuine kit for peace-of-mind and serious enjoyment.

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