Launching Yamaha Motor’s new XTO 450hp V8 and 200hp at Europe’s largest boating festival

Launching Yamaha Motor’s new XTO 450hp V8 and 200hp at Europe’s largest boating festival


Yamaha Motor has spent more than 65 years as a leader in the marine industry, bringing new and innovative products to market that rev hearts around the world and empower users to experience more excitement than they could ever have imagined. Combining pioneering innovation with engineering excellence and guaranteed reliability, the latest product ranges demonstrate our continued aspiration to enable a wide variety of boaters to enjoy every moment on the water and affirm the brand’s position as the finest Boating Systems Provider. With a wide and diverse range, from the Premium XTO 450hp V8 to Electric Drives to a broad choice of YAM Inflatables and WaveRunners, Yamaha provides ever more options for users to explore. New experience-enhancing technological innovations, including Helm Master EX with Autopilot, and next-level rigging and componentry, enable everyone from weekend water-goers to the most experienced mariners to get the most from their vessels.

The Düsseldorf Boat Show marks the first opportunity to see the new XTO 450hp V8, 200hp and 150hp outboards following their launch in January 2023. To learn more, visit Yamaha Motor at the Düsseldorf Boat Show (Hall 3, booth C90.1).

Outboard Engines

Yamaha Motor’s outboard portfolio reflects a deep understanding of a diverse array of users, their boats and their requirements. Whatever our users may need to enhance their fun and enjoyment on the water, here at Yamaha we have got it covered with products that are designed to perform and engineered to last.

Premium XTO V8 Segment – Like Rocket Science. But on water.

The Premium segment is designed for large cabin boats and offshore cruisers, when only the very best is good enough. Packed with unique and industry-leading technologies, the new XTO 450hp V8 and XTO 400hp V8 engines are all about cruising beyond the horizon and experiencing offshore adventures, without limits.

In 2018, the torque and additional power of the XTO 425hp V8 changed the market by creating the ability to power weekend cruisers and semi-displacement vessels with an outboard. Improving on the game-changing XTO 425hp V8 was a tough ask, but the new XTO 450hp V8 offers a superior power-to-weight ratio. This increase in power makes it an option for even bigger and heavier boats where the benefits of a Yamaha engine are needed. The natural aspiration of the new XTO 450hp and 400hp V8 models make them ideal for powering larger boats, delivering progressive power throughout the rev range, allowing Yamaha outboards to become an option for ever larger and heavier vessels.

At Yamaha Motor we are dedicated to continuous innovation, allowing users to discover new worlds, new passions and new experiences through many of the latest technical advancements.

High-Power Segment – This Is Your Search Engine.

The engines in the High Power segment (200hp – VMAX SHO 90hp) are all about family adventures and discovering new pastimes. Perfect for idyllic coastal cruising or water sports alike, there’s a high-power engine for every desire. For those craving excitement, the awesome power-to-weight ratio of the VMAX family is guaranteed to satisfy. Designed for lighter-weight, high-performance boats, these engines are built to the highest Yamaha quality standards.

The brand new 200hp and 150hp engines have mass appeal to anyone wanting to have fun on the water. With a host of technical enhancements, these engines are equally suited to single or twin installations. They are all about creating an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience for everyone to enjoy.

These exciting outboards offer helmsmen the latest integrated Electro-Hydraulic Steering technology. The units also feature fresh premium-inspired styling, provide easier integration with the groundbreaking Helm Master® EX boat control system, and TotalTilt’s two-click operation raises or lowers these outboards automatically.

The 200hp and 150hp feature a fuel-efficient EFI system, making nanosecond calculations to optimise the fuel and air mix for peak performance and efficiency, along with reliable cold starting. Owners will also benefit from a microprocessor ECU, clean-burn technology and variable camshaft timing on the 200hp to improve performance and efficiency, plus reductions in emissions across the RPM range. Both engines are 2.8 litres, 4-cylinder, DOHC for improved airflow to boost power and speed, and 16-valve.

When you are searching for the next adventure, new coasts to explore, new fishing spots or new water sports to experience, think high power and let your outboard engine become your search engine.

New Helm Master® EX Bow Thruster compatibility

Helm Master® EX is instrumental in retaining Yamaha’s position as the go-to boating systems provider. Available throughout the Premium range and on selected High Power Engines, including the new 200hp and 150hp, it allows everything from single outboard family RIBs to multi-outboard blue water cruisers to be controlled using an intuitive joystick control system. It’s now easier than ever to link the groundbreaking Helm Master® EX boat control system to a variety of engines with Autopilot, navigation assistance functionality, the revolutionary Set Point™ position control technology and enabling joystick control from anywhere on the boat.

Helm Master® EX is now compatible with selected Bow Thruster units, enabling additional control to all helmsmen, and providing a particular advantage to those on larger boats with increased windage. Combining Helm Master® EX with a Bow Thruster simplifies all manoeuvring in close quarters by controlling everything from one simple joystick. No more jumping between throttles, steering wheels and bow thruster controls, just one simple, intuitive joystick to control engine power and direction. This further enhances and simplifies the helmsman’s experience of boat control and is really useful for larger boats that are increasingly powered by engines like the XTO.

New 6X9 Digital DBW Remote Control

Yamaha remote controls set the standard for operator comfort, convenience and flexibility. Their intuitive, stylish ergonomic designs allow for virtually effortless, one-hand control of throttle and shift functions, and allow for surprisingly easy command of horsepower and multiple engine installations.

The 6X9 Drive-by-Wire remote control throttle unit is suitable for single and multi-engine boats and now features an integral start-stop engine control button negating the need for additional controls, thereby freeing up more space.

Mid Power Segment

Spanning from 80hp to 30hp, the Mid Power range is the ideal companion for enjoyable days with family or friends on a boat exploring the local coastline or finding fantastic new fishing spots. All of these lightweight outboards lend themselves to easy launch and storage.

Combining steadfast performance and ease of handling, with maximum fuel efficiency, this is a truly unique segment offering a multitude of variations.

Designed for simple installation and ease of use, these units are packed with dependable power and are ideal for a wide range of boat types. Whether you are sailing, fishing or towing skiers or wakeboarders, these reliable compact engines are designed to deliver minimum emissions and maximum enjoyment on the water.

Versatile and Portable Segments

The Versatile segment is ideal for a broad spectrum of boater needs, from inshore fishermen to coast-hopping family boaters, and safety boats to tenders. The Portable segment offers the ultimate choice of lightweight, high-quality engines for excitement and ease of transition in and out of the water. The Versatile and Portable segments both saw new launches in 2022.

The industry-leading Yamaha 25hp offers power trim and tilt, even on short shaft models, ideal for boaters operating in shallow waters or recovering the boat to a trailer regularly. Operated by a handy electric switch, it’s simple to adjust the angle and draught of the engine to avoid damaging the skeg or reach optimal performance and efficiency when on the plane.

Yamaha’s 15hp range includes short- and long-shaft electric start models with power tilt, all controlled from an ergonomic tiller handle. The T 9.9hp (High Thrust) model was updated with electric ignition, power tilt and an extra-long shaft, ideal for keelboats and smaller sailing vessels. With an optional remote-control box, the unit can be controlled from the boat’s cockpit. Yamaha’s B 6hp offers the ultimate in quiet, smooth performance from an economical, high torque, 2-cylinder, 212cc engine.

YAM Inflatables

Ideal for family days out, adventures with friends or even simple tender duties, Yamaha’s YAM Inflatable boats are durable, lightweight and have excellent handling, especially when used with an engine from the Versatile segment, which makes for a perfect pairing. These premium products have many of the features that would be expected from a luxury tender, paired with intuitive design features and uncompromising build quality.

The TAf range features a solid aluminium hull for extra stiffness and to cut through the water for greater comfort in choppy conditions. There’s also a convenient anchor locker and multiple seating and console options to make your boat bespoke. The S range offers a solid slatted floor, with high-pressure keel, providing rigidity when afloat and making it easy to be packed up to fit in a car or garage, making it a great summer family boat for beach hopping. It offers the best ride quality of any collapsible tender and is generously sized to take more people ashore.

The Air range comes in a variety of sizes for different uses and features a high-pressure inflatable deck to give the boat firmness when inflated, while still being able to be packed and unpacked in minutes. This makes it ideal for a larger boat tender where space onboard the main vessel is at a premium. The T model is so quick and simple to inflate, store and carry. Its ultra-lightweight makes pulling it up on a beach or onto a boat easy. The roll-up floor makes it the ideal tender for situations where space is limited, such as exploring from a small yacht.


The 2023 WaveRunner range cascades many of Yamaha’s latest and greatest technologies and functionality further into the range, enabling more riders to enjoy the very best in engineering excellence and guaranteed reliability and allowing more users to discover a whole new world of thrilling experiences.

New Looks

The latest FX Cruiser SVHO has been released in limited edition colours for a real statement on the water. On-trend carbon and mint colouring and fresh graphics, with a luxury paint finish, make this exclusive edition especially eye-catching.

The JetBlaster® was originally launched with a retro-inspired graffiti design to pay homage to the legendary WaveBlaster. The 2023 edition offers more understated styling, opening up the excitement to a new pool of users who prefer a more subtle, modern look to their WaveRunner.

New Technology

The FX SVHO has been treated to an upgrade, now featuring an integrated audio system that sits sleekly in the footwell. It’s never been easier to ride to your favourite tunes or place a quick call to that waterside restaurant you have been meaning to try for lunch.

Finally, the FX Cruiser HO, FX HO and VX Cruiser HO have been enhanced with a NanoXcel2® deck, for a super light, yet super strong, construction that enhances the power-to-weight ratio and handling.

Come and see the line-up on display at boot Düsseldorf including: SuperJet, JetBlaster, GP1800R SVHO and FX SVHO Cruiser.

Supporting Ultimate Surfing

Big wave surfing sees some of the world’s best surfers in a life-long pursuit of huge waves as they break on the shores of the Atlantic coast. Recent years have seen the world of big wave surfing grow in popularity, and Yamaha WaveRunners have been a fundamental part of this evolution.

Yamaha WaveRunner performance, stability and reliability have all been key factors in the growth of the sport, allowing riders to navigate surf in the safest way possible. This reputation and innovation have maintained Yamaha’s position as the unit of choice for the rising stars of the sport.

Nic von Rupp is a professional big wave surfer from Sintra, Portugal and a Yamaha Motor ambassador. He needs the best possible equipment and watercraft, with the acceleration and handling to get him onto and out of the biggest, fastest waves successfully and safely. Nic uses the FX SVHO for his adventures amongst waves, relying on the FX SVHO to be brilliantly stable for two riders in some of the world’s most extreme and challenging conditions. His WaveRunner has to be reliable, nimble and powerful enough to dart in and pick him up, then outrun the surf on a rescue. Nic personifies the commitment that Yamaha Motor puts into every product, as well as the drive to push boundaries and challenge the impossible.

Clean the Sea

Yamaha Motor’s inspiring Clean the Sea projects are diverse and widespread from supporting record-breaking voyages collecting marine debris to more local initiatives focusing on raising awareness and promoting recycling.

Inner city rivers are often most susceptible to the negative impacts of pollution. Since 2017, Yamaha Motor Portugal has run initiatives which clear debris from the Tagus river in central Lisbon.

In 2021, Simone Zignoli, an Italian adventurer highlighted the importance of having a minimal impact on the environment when on a Italian adventure aboard his FX WaveRunner. Zignoli navigated the WaveRunner up the east coast of Sardinia, finishing his journey at Genoa on the Italian mainland. During the adventure, Zignoli completely immersed himself in Sardinian nature, ensuring he left no negative impact on the environment around him by living off only what was growing locally.

In Scandinavia, since 2021, Ocean Crusaders have been supported by Yamaha outboard power to help clean up operations in the waters around Sweden. Likewise, Yamaha Motor started working with Lucas del Paso in 2022. He and his team launched Blue4Green following a world record-breaking Personal Watercraft journey that saw him cover over 3,500 kilometres in eight months, collecting marine debris all the way.

The Clean the Sea projects reflect our commitment to support a host of activities across Europe to preserve the marine environment for tomorrow.

Pro Fish Cup

Yamaha Motor continues its commitment to encouraging people’s pastimes with the launch in 2022 of its latest and most accessible event yet, the Pro Fish Cup. Recognising the growth in the popularity of fishing over the past years, Yamaha Motor reinvigorates its prestigious Pro Fish brand to a fun and inclusive Europe-wide competition.

This contest is open to beginners, amateurs and experienced participants alike and is all about sharing, being with the people you enjoy spending time with, trying something new or perfecting your passion and enjoying the true spirit of sportsmanship. The competition has been specifically designed to be simple to enter and participate in a new sport, requiring only a free app on a smartphone, fishing equipment and an affordable team season ticket (complete with Welcome Pack) to take part.

The 2022 finale was held on the Ebro River in Spain, an internationally acclaimed location for freshwater fishing. Guests enjoyed catching carp, zander, black bass, perch and even the elusive catfish during a three-day VIP experience. The event was attended by fishing ambassadors and local champions from across Europe and has already set the scene for an exciting 2023 Pro Fish Cup season.

The 2023 season will be even bigger with more countries and teams entering with bigger prizes to be won!

Boat Partners

2022 saw Yamaha Motor Europe develop boat building partnerships with a wide range of leading brands, offering an advanced and innovative array of new options for their clients. The 2022 European partnerships include Lomac Nautica, Windy Boats, Zodiac Nautic and Salpa Boats.

Boat Brand Partnerships

Yamaha Motor partners with boat builders whose ethos reflects their own, striving to deliver the very best experience to the boat owner, with the most advanced and innovative technology applied and integrated in the optimal way.

As a boating system provider, Yamaha Motor covers every aspect of what makes a truly incredible user experience, from remote controls and steering systems to our line-up of Digital Network Gauges and electronic control systems. And for our partners, the experience extends to providing the best service to the end customer, training with the boat builders, sharing information and collaborating in testing and development.

Stay tuned for announcements on exciting new partnerships in 2023.