Yamaha announces the latest F9.9 and other model news for next season

Yamaha’s popular portable – now smarter and even more user-friendly. The stylish new top cowling – a compact design concept recently introduced on the F70 – will now be a feature of the latest F9.9 and its High Thrust partner, the FT9.9. Yamaha have also just announced that the F60 too, will feature this striking new look.

The F9.9 has been the focus of other recent development work at Yamaha, with the intention of making our latest version of this popular engine more appealing to owners who love its strong combination of power and reliability with ease of handling – both on the water and on shore.
First, Yamaha engineers have created a new 2012_Marine-engines_F9.9ergonomic design for the tiller handle, which is at more convenient length and features a comfortable–to-use forward-mounted shift lever within easy reach. Next, the latest F9.9 has been made easier to handle physically, with design refinements such as a large, comfortable carrying handle built into the steering bracket – and a new rest-pad for storing the engine vertically when required.
Together, these advantages add up to make this popular, portable and ultra-dependable engine the ‘smart’ choice for any leisure or professional user. Above all of course, it’s a Yamaha 4-stroke – and they don’t come ‘smarter’ than that.

The latest F9.9 will arrive in Europe in Spring 2013

Yamaha Motor announce the launch of lightweight F200 outboard

Yamaha Motor announce the launch of a full new member of its highly-acclaimed outboard range; a lightweight F200 incorporating many new and innovative features in this class.

Yamaha Motor announce the launch of a full new member of its highly-acclaimed outboard range;  a lightweight F200 incorporating many new and innovative features in this class.

As part of its quest to satisfy the requirements of its customers and deliver continuous boating enjoyment through innovation and technology, Yamaha has created the new F200 outboard engine that offers the power of a 200, but in a package that is closer in size and weight to our F150A, giving an exceptional power-to-weight ratio.

Weighing 227kg, approximately 50kg less than the previous F200, the latest incarnation is 22 percent lighter while maintaining similar power output and reliability. Employing an in-line four-cylinder configuration, with Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) and weight-saving technology throughout, the new engine produces 200HP while being the lightest engine in its class. The lighter weight, better suited to a wider range of boats, also helps improve fuel-efficiency, as well as performance.

Two versions of the new F200 will be available — the F200F, with a regular mechanical shift and throttle, and the F200G, with an electronically-controlled, drive-by-wire shift and throttle. The F200F/G also benefit from recent technological advances made by Yamaha, such as Yamaha’s Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection) anti-theft system, a newly-designed Reliance SDS (Shift Dampener System) as recommended propeller, a tilt-limiter, and LCD colour display (optional for the F200G only), one-touch start/stop (optional for the F200G only), and the ability to set variable trolling-speed revs. These features place the F200F/G firmly alongside Yamaha’s top-of-the-range V6 (4.2L) and V8 outboards.

The F200F/G are aimed primarily at customers who want the power of a 200 but the compact dimensions and weight like the Yamaha F150A or even a two-stroke 200HP. In fact, this engine would be ideal for re-powering from a two-stroke 200HP to a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly four-stroke engine. With both the mechanical and electronically-controlled version Yamaha offers customers the possibility to fit the new outboard engine to a wide range of boats.