XTO 450hp V8 Promotions

Model Description

Turn up the torque

When torque and cutting-edge technology are the priority, look no further than the XTO 450hp V8, our flagship Premium outboard that provides more power, performance and precision.

Exciting and dynamic styling will give a distinctive Yamaha look to your boat, with industry leading concepts and technologies bursting at the seams.

The groundbreaking Direct Fuel Injection improves efficiency from two aspects, boosting the engines performance on the water and reducing fuel consumption. Integrated Digital Electronic Steering delivers smooth, more precise handling on the wheel yet maintains the sense of connection with the water, it also links with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX® compatibility for greater control and supreme confidence. Reverse thrust enhances manoeuvrability in confined spaces, keeping you cool under pressure.

At a glance

  • Extreme Power – 5.6 L • 32-v • 60º V8 • DOHC • VCT
  • Premium 3D graphics
  • TotalTilt™ function with integrated tilt limit for effortless trailering and convenience when tilting.
  • Engine mount propellor light (optional)
  • Efficient, direct injection four-stroke
  • Precision with Integrated Digital Electric Steering
  • 300% more reverse thrust from new exhaust system
  • Reliability – tough custom-engineered crankshaft
  • Dependability with the heavy duty gear system
  • S

  • leek lower unit design with massive gearcase
  • Dual chamber oil pump to handle extreme demands
  • Ultra-convenient in-water gear oil change facility
  • High Output charging with the phase angle control charging system
  • Model Specification

    • Engine

      Engine Type




      No. of cylinders/configuration


      Bore x stroke

      96.0 x 96.2

      Prop shaft output at mid range

      450 hp @ 6,000 rpm

      Full throttle operating range

      5,000-6,000 rpm

      Lubrication system

      Wet sump


      Direct Injection

      Ignition / advance system

      Electronic ignition (TCI)

      Starter system

      Electronic ignition (TCI)

      Gear ratio

      25/14 1.79

      Fuel tank capacity


      Throttle and shift controls

      Trim & tilt method

      Lighting Coil / Alternator


      Max Thrust (kg)

      Amp Draw





    • Dimensions

      Recommended boat transom height


      Weight without propeller

      437 kg - 458 kg

      Oil pan capacity

      7.8 l



      Shaft Length

    • Other


      2 Year